BIMBA: Speed up your institution's Campus Wheel to get competative in today's digital world.

Launch micro apps in a jiffy for events, seminars, fests, conferences etc to showcase your skills & talents

Dedicated cluster and a dashboard to host and manage micro apps at realtime

Control everything at real time from anywhere (what goes out, what comes in and who accessed it)

Plug your bimba to your website or co-host it as a standalone app on

Real time reflection of campus activities

Showcase your creativity with awesome tools and activities in your #Room.

  • Blogs, Article, Notes
  • Audio, Vedio, Webcast
  • Tests, Assignment, Quiz
  • Streaming, Q & A Sessions, Chat
  • Forums, Discussions, Messaging
  • Polls, Feedback, Survey
  • Announcements, Notifications, Events & Seminars
  • Facebook, Twitter, Youtube

Initiatives that will enhance your campus social identity

Technology initiative:

Build a collaborative, competitive an co-creative ecosystem in the campus for all.

Branding & marketing initiative:

Make students, staff, departments & alumni as brand ambassadors to promote campus.

Industry engagement initiative:

Share your BIMBA with industry to build interest in your students & staff.

Initiative to boost NAAC grades:

Get additional points for innovation and best practices category in NAAC review.

  • Vision :

    To ensure every student gets noticed for his/her skill without any barriers.

  • Mission :

    Appify 20 million classrooms by 2020

  • Goal :

    Provide a collaborative, competitive & co-creative space (#Room) for students to reflect their skills and get noticed by the world.

Get started: Launch your campus BIMBA in 3 simple steps and it takes just few minutes

  • Step1:Register

    Download “ipomo Bimba” app and register. Go to your profile and tap on “Activate Bimba”.

  • Step2:Make Rooms

    Inform students, staff & depts to create micro apps (rooms) for various campus activities.

  • Step3:Manage BIMBA

    Login to your BIMBA account and start managing bimba by adding or removing micro apps.

That’s it. Share your BIMBA and get noticed by the world as it unfolds in your campus.